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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another great day in Aticama

Sunday in Aticama is always good!  I start off with a walk to the Cultural Center for the farmer's market to chat with friends and make new friends.  The crowd is thinning out as the snowbirds head north for the summer.  There will still be about 40 ex-pats living here year round.

After the market I walked over to a friends new apartment to see some of the art work she had done on her walls thinking that I might want to hire her to do some walls in the hilltop house.  It is still possible but I would want to have Francisco see her work before I make a commitment.  After I left Teesha's I ran into 4 other friends on the way home and had to stop and chat.  I love living in a village!

When I got up the hill, Bill was working on his motor home and I had to stop and distract him from his work for awhile.  What are friends for?  When I climbed up to mi casa and opened a cold Pacifico cerveza I went out on the patio to watch the parade of people and vehicles on the beach road below.  I noticed something large in the water and grabbed my binoculars.  It was a whale shark!

This guy was easily the length of two pangas (fishing boats) and I believe they are 20' in length.  The whale shark stuck around for almost an hour using a "lawn mower" movement going north for a couple of hundred yards and then turning and going south for the same distance.  He must have found some good krill in the area as he was following a distinct line in the sea that I think may have been caused by differences in temperature.  I had mixed emotions when he left; I would have watched him if he had stayed for hours but I really wanted to go in the house and paint.

After he left, I went inside and started painting the floor.  As you may recall, I often take several weeks or even months to make decisions on just how to approach projects.  In this case, as in most, I am very glad I did.  Yesterday while Bill and I were painting walls, I came up with the idea of painting a "cove base" of 2" above the floor.  Using the floor paint and a 2" wide brush I was able to paint the cove base at the perfect height and avoid having to cut in the seam at the floor and wall.  It looks great!

Chili dogs for a late lunch and I am now at the dining table in Dod using my free internet and looking out the back window at a beautiful crescent moon, Jupiter and Venus, all in a close formation over a nice (not the best, but nice) orange and red sunset.

Did I mention that I love being here in Mexico?

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