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Monday, March 12, 2012

San Blas Social Club

The San Blas Social Club is the local hangout for ex-pats in San Blas.  This place would be a success in any town in the U.S. for its eclectic interior, good music, great food and super service.  The owner, Augustin, is from New York as is the chef Phil.  Brett and Sharon, Bob and Gloria, and Gabriele and I went there Friday night for dinner.  Dod was the bus for the evening and once again I was glad that he is so small.  He navigated the narrow streets easily, parked in a tight spot and even made U-turns.

The "Club"  is located directly opposite the town plaza so before we dined we walked around the plaza shopping for gifts for Gabi's friends and relatives back in Germany.  She found some carved turtles for silly gifts and was about to pay full price when I told her that she was cheating the vendor of the enjoyment of bartering.  She explained that Germans are prone to just pay the asking price.  She agreed to try bartering and in no time she had purchased 5 turtles for 12 pesos each instead of the asking price of 15 pesos each.

Gabi and I in front of the street vendors

Brett doesn't look happy that I borrowed his favorite hat.

Dinner was excellent and very inexpensive.  Five of us had the Surf 'n Turf which is a Ribeye steak with three jumbo shrimp (really jumbo) and Gabi had ravioli that chef Phil cooked especially for her.  The beverages included margaritas, cervezas, and wine with the total bill coming to 1255 pesos or about $100. US.  Try to do that in the U.S. or Canada!

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  1. When we came thru San Blas we stayed at Playa Amor RV park. I wish we had known about the San Blas Social Club. Sounds great!