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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daylight Savings Time

My favorite day of the year used to be the day that we set our clocks ahead one hour so that I could enjoy one more hour of sunshine each day.  Of course I realize that there really wasn't an extra hour of daylight but when when I was going to school or to work I got an extra hour of daylight to enjoy after I got home.  I am definitely a daylight person.  My favorite days are when there are many more hours of daylight than darkness.

What does Daylight Savings Time have to do with this?  Nothing at all!  If you had a blanket and cut 1' off the top and then sewed it on the bottom, you would still have the same length of blanket.  However, in Mexico, the dates for Daylight Savings Time are not the same as the U.S.   While people in the U.S. will set their clocks ahead by one hour tonight, here in Nayarit we will do that on Sunday, April 1.  I am waiting to see if Windows will adjust automatically this Saturday or realize that at my latitude it should wait to adjust until April 1.

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