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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sarah goes MIA (missing in action)

It has become a habit of mine to go to the Cultural Centro de Bahia Matanchen every Sunday for the farmer's market.  I go mainly just to socialize because I have everything I need and if I bought anything but food it would be just one extra thing to store.  Sarah always walks down the hill with me; we do a little shopping for groceries on the way home; and, walk back up the hill.  I keep Sarah on a leash while at the market and walking through town as there are several dogs that chase Sarah unless she is by my side.

Last Sunday when we reached the beach road and I took off her leash, she took off back to town to pester the oyster divers for scraps.  It didn't worry me any as she often stays in town for awhile and then comes running up the hill to let me know she is home.  I left her on the beach road about 11 am and began to worry when she wasn't home at 4 pm.  Sarah just loves Sundays on the beach and I am sure that she just decided to visit her friends at El Chaco and the people under the ramadas on the beach.  On a typical Sunday there would be 15 to 20 groups of people parked under the ramadas enjoying an afternoon meal at the beach.  Here is what it looked like last Sunday.

Every ramada had a group and there were dozens of other groups who just drove their cars out onto the beach for a meal under umbrellas.  This is heaven for Sarah!  I taught her to sit and look hungry before I feed her and she has developed it into an art form.  She finally arrived home at sunset with a big smile on her face.  I put some food in her bowl and for the first time since we have been together she just ignored it and went under the table for a nap.

She pulled the same stunt yesterday.  We were returning from town with dog food and wine; when I took her off the leash she took off again and this time it was after dark before she returned.  At least I know now that I do not need to worry about her and I fully expect that as Semana Santa approaches she will figure out that she doesn't have to wait for me and head to the beach on her own.

If she isn't careful she may wind up in jail again!


  1. I am SO glad this blog has a happy ending... I was holding my breath there for a while. She'll probably gain weight during Semana Santa playing the starving dog role ;-)

  2. It's a good thing it had a good ending. I was going to have to remove your blog so Angela wouldn't see anything bad that happend Sarah.

  3. She sounds like a really smart dog - I assume no leash laws in Mexico? When I was a kid, there were no leash laws, all the neighborhood dogs wandered around, but stayed close to home, and always came when we whistled. We're not used to what you went through, because we always have to keep them on leashes. Sarah must have had a ball! :)

  4. heyya dave,

    man, you know i live for your blogs! the sarah thing had me there for a minute, i remember when ahab disappeared from the bird house one year...... see ya in a week.


  5. Hi Dave,

    Wow! You had me scared for awhile until I got to the happy ending and found out that Sarah was OK!