Just another average sunset in paradise!

Friday, May 31, 2013

I thought I smelled a rat!

Not really but I sure did see and hear one.  I was sitting in the kitchen reading a book last night when a rat scrambled down the aluminum ladder that accesses upstairs.  He ran into the pantry and I think he was hiding in some rubber floor mats that are leaning up against the doorway.  I gave the mats a big kick and he scampered across the floor toward some shelving I built for storage and disappeared behind it.  I heard noises from behind an old refrigerator sitting in the corner to I went to investigate.

Before going over, I grabbed my air pistol and a flash light.  I looked behind the reefer and saw him hiding in the gas hoses behind it.  I couldn't get a clear shot, and didn't want to damage the hoses,  so I rattled the hoses with my foot.  He ran around to the side of the reefer between its side and the wall.  I think he thought he was hidden but I saw him.  I cocked the pistol and took careful aim and then BANG,  the rat was no more.

Some might think this a cruel thing to do to a rat, but I think it is just as humane as using one of those "neck-breaker" traps or even a live trap which doesn't harm the rat until the next morning when you drown it.

Dave 1  Rats 0

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life goes on oobladee, oobladaa!

Today I had my third encounter with burglars in as many weeks!  I have not shared the other encounters with you as so many readers tend to be protective of me.  My first week back at the house, I was upstairs reading and I heard footsteps outside the house.  When I looked, I saw an arm reaching through the window.  I said "puedo aydarte" (can I help you?) and the hand disappeared.  A couple of days later my binoculars were missing.  My fault entirely as they were left on the table I built on the dining patio where they were way too easy to steal.

Today, while I was taking a nap, Sarah woke me up and I left my  bed to go into the living room.  I heard footsteps outside the house in the back so I focused my attention on the portholes in the wall.  While I was standing there, a face appeared and filled up the entire porthole.  It was a young man who I judged to be anywhere from 18 to 20.

See the porthole?

Well, there I was practically naked (just my boxer shorts on) and I looked right at him and said "Que quieres joven? (What do you want youngster?)  He said Nada which means nothing and then he left.  It probably did not hurt that I had my pistol in my hand while I was talking to him.  I really do not like these confrontations but I refuse to be intimidated!

I am comfortable here and life goes on!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back on top of the world!

I arrived back in Aricama on the 7th and have been slowly getting things in order at the house.  Every morning I look around and decide what chores need to be done.  Then I make myself breakfast to be eaten on the dining patio looking out at the beautiful Pacific.  After breakfast I take another hour or so to contemplate the beauty around me and then prepare to do chores.

Preparation for chores usually takes the form of a rest period with a cold cerveza.  By the time the preparation is over, it is too late to actually start chores so I grab a book and share my attention between reading and looking at the ocean.  MaƱana is soon enough for the chores!

Sarah and Lobo are back with me and they both remembered me.  Sara very seldom leaves my side but Lobo is another story.  He tends to wander off for most of the day and night but he always comes back.

Check out the blue/white eyes on Lobo!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last post from the U.S.

Tomorrow morning at 11:45 a.m. I board a bus to Tijuana where I will catch a flight to Guadalajara.  After that I have another bus ride to Aticama but should be back at the house by noon!  Hopefully, there will be internet service there but if not, I promise to head down the hill a few times each week to keep posting.