Just another average sunset in paradise!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lightning and more lightning

It has been storming here on and off (mostly on) since the middle of June.  I don't think we have gone more than two days in a row without rain.  It rains mostly at night but the storms during the day are my favorites.  I love it when it is around 90 degrees and it starts to rain.  Standing out on the patio and watching the clouds with raindrops falling on me is pure enjoyment.

I have seen more lightning and heard more thunder in the last 5 weeks than I have seen and heard in my entire life.  When there is a thunderstorm here, the lighting flashes occur about 10 times every minute and can go on for hours.

I am still posting from the internet cafe as my connection on the hill is very ¨"iffy"!  At first my donated computer was very slow but I tweaked it a bit and the speed is much better.  However, I am only getting one bar out of five up at my house and the slow connection drives me crazy.  I will try a more powerful antenna but I do not have high hopes.  I will probably just make do until I visit the US and then shop for a new computer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Almost online!

My ex-wife sent a computer and a camera to me.  It pays to stay friends with your ex´s!  I had friends coming down who agreed to deliver the packages but they arrived at their house the day after they left.  Well, it pays to have friends.  My neighbor down the hill, Bill, drove several miles to pick up the packages and then several more miles to deliver them to other friends who were coming down.  Everything arrived safe and sound.  I owe a bunch of people dinner!

I need to purchase a wireless receiver before I can get online but I am going to Tepic tomorrow and hopefully by tomorrow night I will be able to sit out under the stars to browse the net.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The rainy season

Well, the rainy season is here!  It first rained on the 16th, not much but steady.  It rained 8 days straight after that with a couple of real storms.  This week is devoted to roof patching, last week was road repairs.  There is always something to do here.

As always, a lot of my time is spent watching the clouds and the ocean.  The hillside below the house is now completely green where it was completely brown less than a month ago.  Some of the new plants have grown to five feet in height in just three weeks.  Looks like I will be surrounded by jungle shortly.

Hope to have my camera and computer on line by the weekend and then I will not have to drive to the internet cafe to post.