Just another average sunset in paradise!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Back on line in early July

Well, I feel completely back to normal living on the hill.  No more worries about robbers!  A computer and camera are currently enroute and the internet service on the hill has been improved so I should be able to sit on the patio and do everything I used to do only faster.

We had our first rain on Saturday nite and boy did Mother Nature put on a great light show.  You have seen the great view from the hill.  Well the storm encircled us and I could see clouds out in the distance for 360 degrees.  There were 30 to 40 lightning flashes every minute (no exageration) but most were so far away that you could not hear the thunder.  Several flashes were contained in the clouds without actual bolts hitting the earth.  I watched the show from 1 am till 3 am.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Robbery, the gift that keeps on giving

The past two weeks I have unfortunately let the robbery get the best of me.  Always looking over my shoulder and listening to every sound around me.  That all stopped Sunday when I made a decision: If I continue to be discomforted, they win.  Sunday I made the decision to get back to my normal confident self.  I decided that if a similar situation should arise in the future I will finish the fight no matter what the outcome.  This decision had a very comforting effect on me and now I am content once more.

Many thanks to all of you who have suggested paypal as a solution to my temporary financial troubles.  However, I really prefer to do things on my own.  I am receiving a used computer in about three weeks and when I receive my next social security check I will buy a camera.  After re-reading my post I realized that it did sound almost like I was soliciting help but that was not my intention.

Thanks again to all of you for following the story of my life in Mexico.  I still love it and am very happy to be living here!