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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life goes on oobladee, oobladaa!

Today I had my third encounter with burglars in as many weeks!  I have not shared the other encounters with you as so many readers tend to be protective of me.  My first week back at the house, I was upstairs reading and I heard footsteps outside the house.  When I looked, I saw an arm reaching through the window.  I said "puedo aydarte" (can I help you?) and the hand disappeared.  A couple of days later my binoculars were missing.  My fault entirely as they were left on the table I built on the dining patio where they were way too easy to steal.

Today, while I was taking a nap, Sarah woke me up and I left my  bed to go into the living room.  I heard footsteps outside the house in the back so I focused my attention on the portholes in the wall.  While I was standing there, a face appeared and filled up the entire porthole.  It was a young man who I judged to be anywhere from 18 to 20.

See the porthole?

Well, there I was practically naked (just my boxer shorts on) and I looked right at him and said "Que quieres joven? (What do you want youngster?)  He said Nada which means nothing and then he left.  It probably did not hurt that I had my pistol in my hand while I was talking to him.  I really do not like these confrontations but I refuse to be intimidated!

I am comfortable here and life goes on!


  1. WOW, glad you have some firepower. Take care of yourself.

  2. I was just taking a look at the blogs Kevin and Ruth follow and came across yours. I just returned from my first ever RV adventure - 5 months in Mexico. I loved it. I'm sorry to hear about the burglars but hope that, if they steal, they need it more than I do. I had no bad experiences traveling solo throughout a good part of Mexico and look forward to more adventures next Winter - more in the interior and south this time. Thanks for the visit to your blog. Mary-Pat

  3. You'll have to keep your gun handy, and put everything out of sight, I guess. Having dogs around helps, Katie barks at anything or anyone coming near The Palms, so I am aware of what is happening near the rig. Even though she is small, she has great ears. I'm glad your three episodes with thieves turned out okay, but am sorry about the binoculars.

    Stay safe!

  4. Better secure the pistol, he'll be back after it next.