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Friday, May 31, 2013

I thought I smelled a rat!

Not really but I sure did see and hear one.  I was sitting in the kitchen reading a book last night when a rat scrambled down the aluminum ladder that accesses upstairs.  He ran into the pantry and I think he was hiding in some rubber floor mats that are leaning up against the doorway.  I gave the mats a big kick and he scampered across the floor toward some shelving I built for storage and disappeared behind it.  I heard noises from behind an old refrigerator sitting in the corner to I went to investigate.

Before going over, I grabbed my air pistol and a flash light.  I looked behind the reefer and saw him hiding in the gas hoses behind it.  I couldn't get a clear shot, and didn't want to damage the hoses,  so I rattled the hoses with my foot.  He ran around to the side of the reefer between its side and the wall.  I think he thought he was hidden but I saw him.  I cocked the pistol and took careful aim and then BANG,  the rat was no more.

Some might think this a cruel thing to do to a rat, but I think it is just as humane as using one of those "neck-breaker" traps or even a live trap which doesn't harm the rat until the next morning when you drown it.

Dave 1  Rats 0


  1. I'm with you...I hate rats. Thank goodness we only have them in the garden. Good shot! Keep up the good work :-)

  2. Good shot. You can't tolerate rats in the house. I hope those would be burglars read your post and realise what a good shot you are.