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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some notes on my trip back to Aticama

You may remember the 40+ hour bus ride I took from San Blas to Tijuana when I headed north.  Well the trip south was much easier but still took almost 24 hours even though more than half the distance was by air.  I left Bakersfield at 3 pm on Monday via Greyhound; transferred in Los Angeles; and the final transfer was in San Ysidro for a bus that takes you straight to the Tijuana airport.  I arrived in San Ysidro around 8 pm but it took almost 2 hours to go the 15 miles between San Ysidro and the airport.  They never used to but now they check very closely when you cross into Mexico by bus.

I arrived at the airport at 10 pm for a flight that didn’t depart until 1:45 am.  Luckily there was a bar right next to my departure gate.  Unluckily, airport drink prices in TJ are very similar to the ones at LAX: very high!  50 pesos for the same bottle of beer that would cost 10 pesos at a bar in San Blas.

I enjoyed a very smooth flight on an airline I had never heard of before: Volaris.  The plane was new and very clean.  It landed in Guadalajara at 6:45 am (including time zone changes) and I took a cab to the central bus station.  To leave the airport you must use the airport taxies and they are incredibly expensive.  It cost $26. For the trip which was less than 10 miles. It only cost me $20 for a bus ticket for a 200 mile trip from there to Tepic.  Another $5.00 for a bus from Tepic to San Blas and $8.00 for a cab ride from San Blas to Aticama.

A total of 5 buses, 2 cabs and one airplane all within 24 hours.  I will definitely find a better way next time!

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