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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Attacked on my patio . . .

No, not banditos this time just a crazy bird.  We have very large blackbirds here with long tail feathers.  They are just a little smaller than a crow but make just as much annoying noise.  I was just standing out on my patio, taking in the view and minding my own business when one of them decided to buzz me.  It came to within inches of my head several times in a row, screaming all the while.

I went back inside and read a few pages of my book and then ventured out to the patio once more.  I looked down the hill and about 50 yards away in the top of a tree stood my attacker!  It left the palm tree and flew straight up and started with the attack again.

I considered getting the pistol out to scare it but with my luck I would probably wind up hitting it.  I limit my killing to rats!


  1. I'll bet it's nest is nearby, and he sees you as a threat. Probably as soon as the babies leave the nest, all will be well. He probably thinks you are the bandito!

  2. C'mon Dave! You were being welcomed home! That bird wanted to party!

  3. A nest nearby was my first thought but these birds don't nest anywhere near the house. Besides with the rainy season starting in a few weeks if the little ones haven't left yet, they probably never will.