Just another average sunset in paradise!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dod moves down the hill

Monday I moved Dod back down the hill to the El Chaco RV Park.  My friends from Canada are stopping here for a week on their journey home.  I had a free week coming so I decided to camp here for a few days to visit with them.  They have traveled to some inland parts of Mexico for the past month and returned with pictures and stories of some places that I may move to during the rainy season.

Brett, Sharon, Bob and Gloria waiting for dinner at the Paraiso Escondido (Hidden Paradise) restaurant.

Even the bad sunsets are good.  

Sarah and I will walk up to the house daily to water the gardens and sweep up the bat guano.  I finally got a photo of the "culprits" resting on the hallway wall in between hunting excursions.

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  1. is there something you can put up that would deter the bats? Great pics by the way :)