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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sarah goes to Vet

Sarah needed her vaccinations; in fact I think they were way overdue as she is almost 1 year old.  I did a lot of research.  In San Blas there are two vets and I checked with both.  One would charge 130 pesos for a 6 in 1 shot.  The other would charge 100 pesos for two injections that are given 30 days apart.

There is a free clinic in Aticama every couple of months that provides free sterilization services.  The local ex-pat community conducts fund raisers to offset the cost and a vet comes from Tepic (60 kms away) to perform the operations with the assistance of a couple of retired RNs from the north.  I scheduled Sarah's vaccinations for the free clinic on Saturday.  The cost was 250 pesos or about $20. US; much more than the local vets charge but still much less than it would cost in the US.  The reasons I decided to go with the most expensive were 1. the drugs come from Bayer and are the best you can buy and 2. The vet who administered the shots is very professional and he included a shot record in case I ever decide to take Sarah to the U.S.  Sarah was a very good girl when she received her two shots and she didn't even get a lollipop!

The recovery room at the clinic

Esterilizacion Gratuita = Free Sterilization

The vet is in the Bermudas enjoying a lunch of fresh oysters

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  1. Sarah is a lucky dog, even though she might not quite know it. Hopefully she'll be a loyal companion for many years to come. It would seem you've started off on the right foot.