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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Whale watching

Friday morning, Gabriele, Delia, Bill and I went to Miramar to go on a whale watching trip.  It had originally been scheduled two weeks ago but we cancelled to clean the beach.  The trip we cancelled was to leave from San Blas and would cost 1500 pesos.  Delia found the boat in Miramar for just 1000 pesos!  As it turned out Miramar was a much better choice as it is almost 20 kilometers closer to the whale watching area which saved us an extra hour of boat travel each way.

We saw several whales (or a few whales several times) and we experienced something that non of us had experienced before: we were able to hear the whales talking to each other!  The guide said that he thought it was a mother and calf communicating and from the sounds, I think he was right.  The girls both came up with a pretty good imitation of the sound and it almost seemed that the whales were responding to their calls.  

Pelicans did fly-bys all day

Unfortunately, we think this turtle was dying as he was unable to dive normally 

Delia with her life jacket/umbrella

I think this is how our hill looked before houses were built

The hotel Dubai right across from the boat launch

After the excursion we went back to Gabi's house for lunch.  We had some delicious tamales that Delia's sister prepared.  After lunch we went to the sea wall at the front of Gabi's yard and we had another treat.  A whale shark was cruising by about twenty yards off the beach.  All in all, it was a great day!

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