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Monday, March 7, 2011

The world is my salon!

After comparing the floor plans on Class C motor homes I discovered that the only differences between a 20' and 26' model were the salon and extra storage.  Do I really need a sofa or lounge chairs?  Not  really!

My Salon!

When I traveled in my Jeep CJ7 there was no sofa and I never once gave it a thought.  Two beach chairs and a small table became my living space.  The one time it rained we were content to lie down in the back of the Jeep, read and enjoy the view.  If the rain had lasted longer, we would have just closed up the Jeep and headed into town for a night in a motel.

Do I really need the storage?  Doesn't everyone?  I plan to increase the storage in my Class C by converting the overhead bunk to a storage/entertainment center.  I got the idea from Tioga George!  George's Cabinet Story


  1. Good luck with your new rig. I look forward to many more insightful postings from you.

  2. Good luck we will be following you on your trip south.