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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Class A, B or C?

Class A:  After searching for over a month, the shortest Class A I was able to locate was 22'.  Class A eliminated.

Class B:  During the same search period, all of the Class Bs I found fit the length requirement (no surprise there) but they fell short (literally) in one dimension I hadn't considered.  I am 6'1" in height and none of the Class As I looked at allowed me to stand straight up!  Class B eliminated.

Class C:  I feel just like Goldilocks!  Class C is just right:  available at 20' or less with plenty of headroom.  Although there are few Class Cs around that fit my length requirement,  I was able to locate a few for sale within 200 miles of my home in Southern California.

Now the only really important criteria remaining were amenities and condition.  More on that tomorrow!

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