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Monday, March 21, 2011

All things considered, a very good "shakedown" trip

We moved to the county park and found a great campsite!  Getting Dod setup for the second time in three days was incredibly easy.  We now had a great heater and a refrigerator that cooled so well that at the highest setting it became a freezer.  I am so happy that I took a chance on Dod.

We used the oven to bake biscuits for breakfast and reheat barbecued chicken for lunch.  Even when the morning outside temp was 40 degrees, Dod's propane heater had the interior up to 70 in just a few minutes.  Another reason to I like Dod's size.

In planning for this trip, I brought along what I thought would be enough food.  I had several entrées that were pre-cooked and frozen and what I considered more than enough groceries for breakfasts and lunches.  This proved to be a very good thing as the prices in the local grocery store were shocking: $3.50 for a dozen eggs; $5.00 for a loaf of bread; $40.00 for a liter of scotch.  Luckily we did not need any of these items but did pay over three dollars for a half gallon of milk.  The butcher in the market was a different story!  We bought 6 breakfast sausages and two very large pork chops for less than $10.00.

While we were in the village we went to the church thrift sale.  Didn't really need anything but couldn't pass up the bargains: Paperback books - $.025 Hardcovers - $.050 Trivial Pursuit game - $1.00  Long sleeved Polo dress shirt and a Reyn Spooner sport shirt - $1.00 each!

This was Thursday and our last scheduled night.  We decided to extend the trip through Sunday!  Tomorrow the story of the weekend and camp hosts . . .

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