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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is a 20' RV large enough?

In 1987 I outfitted my 1981 Jeep CJ-7 for a trip from California to Cabo San Lucas.  I cut a piece of plywood that would extend the length of the rear storage area to accommodate a twin mattress.  I had a canvas cover made to protect the area from the raised cargo area window to the extended sleeping area.  Now I can sleep in comfort! I purchased a propane stove, a large ice chest, a propane lantern and designed and built a porta-potti. My porta-potti was nothing more than an upturned apple crate with a hole in the bottom.  Include a shovel and you are ready to go (in more ways than one).

During the trip, my wife and I spent more than half the nights in motels but the times we spent dry camping were my most memorable!  After reaching La Paz, we took several off-road excursions.  On one trip north of the city we were in the desert and saw a single lane road (almost just a trail) leading toward the beach that would not be accessible in any vehicle without 4-wheel drive.  It rose steeply up a hillside.  Being foolhardy, we chose that road.  When we reached the summit, we saw a beautiful  bay with turquoise water and a brilliant white sand beach.  One side of the bay had mangrove trees which indicated there was fresh water available.

We were able to walk out more than a quarter mile into the warm waters of the bay before the water reached our heads.  There was absolute silence both day and night.  The stars at night were so vibrant and plentiful that the Milky Way was as visible there as it is in any "candy isle" in a supermarket!

"What does a man need - really need?"  Sterling Hayden, 1963

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