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Monday, March 14, 2011

Major damage fixed and now some minor stuff

Dod's size saves money!  I figured that after sitting for 5 years Dod could use an oil change.  I drove over to the local quick lube place where I get my SUV's oil changed.  I was able to drive Dod right onto one of the normal oil change stations.  I asked how much and the guy quoted me $49.95 because Dod is a motor home.  I explained that Dod was more like a Dodge van than a motor home and told him I would "pass" at $50.  Business must have been slow because we were able to agree on $29.95 (same as the SUV charge).

Next, I took Dod to a glass shop to get a new windshield installed.   Dod came through again; since this was merely a replacement of a van windshield, it only cost $150. including the install.  I was thinking it would be much more!

After the installation of a few lens covers, two side mirrors and a rear view mirror and I will be ready for the "shakedown" trip. Apparently the little old schoolteacher who last drove Dod had some depth perception problems.

Does anyone out there know of a good glue to attach the rear view mirror to the windshield?  I purchased two of the "peel and stick" mounts but neither one stayed in place for more than a couple of days.


  1. You need the two part epoxy glue for the rear view mirror.

  2. Go back to the shop that installed your new windshield. They have the best glue! And they'll probably do it for free.