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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I thoroughly enjoyed my many boat excursions.  While "on the hook" at various anchorages at Santa Catalina Island, I took the time to evaluate the benefits and detriments of living on a sailboat.  The benefits are numerous: the view of the shore from the sea; the quiet and inexpensive (wind is free) mode of travel; the lack of traffic; sailing through a pod of dolphins and watching the occasional breeching whale; and, access to remote locations not reachable by land.

The detriments are also numerous: confinement to a space of less than 200 square feet for days at a time; travel time up to twenty times longer than if by vehicle; where to find groceries and other necessities; and, the lack of  daily human interface.

As I looked back on my many automobile trips to Mexico I realized that my most memorable times involved the small villages I visited and the people I met.  To experience similar adventures by boat would require docking at a major city, renting a car and traveling many miles.  To experience the wonders of the ocean, all I will need is my inflatable dinghy and outboard motor.

My final decision is to travel by motorhome!

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