Just another average sunset in paradise!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What time is it?

Having been without a watch for 7 months there are really only two times for me: daytime and nighttime.   I think I was born with the manana spirit.  Those of you who have followed for only a short time probably realize that it takes me a long time to make decisions.  I plan things and most often deviate from the plan.  My plan today is to walk into town for a couple of things. 

I am still at El Chaco RV Park and the view out my window is of the surf gently rolling in along the curved bay.  The town is in the distance and appears to be just over a mile away.  I love sleepy Mexican villages just as they are awakening.  The first task of the day for the shopkeepers is to sweep the sidewalk in front of their stores and say “buenos dias” to each passerby and wave at most cars that pass as in a town of only1300 everybody knows everybody else.

When I lived in Mexico before they gave me the nickname “Pelon”,  which means bald-headed guy.  For the most part I have been shaving my head for the past 8 years.  I wonder how long it will take to get a nickname here.  It would feel good to hear the shopkeepers call out “Buenos dias pelon”.
For those who may be interested, not only is it T-shirt and shorts weather everyday, it is swim trunks and no shirt for me.  At night the temperature gets to the mid 60s so I can sleep with the windows open while the sound of the surf lulls me to sleep.

My first sunset in Aticama did not disappoint!


  1. For a second there, I had to check and see that I wasn't reading Tioga George's blog...

  2. Hey, Dave, a very Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! I'll bet it was a good one. Beautiful sunset! It looks like you are meeting some great people and enjoying Mexico. :)

  3. Arizona sun felt good today, but not That warm.