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Friday, January 20, 2012

End of an era . . .

Yesterday I had quite a golfing experience.  I drove two new friends I met here in Aticama to Tepic to a local golf club.  Very high end place with tennis courts and swimming pools; restaurants and bars.

The pool area and one of 5 dining spots.

Three of us teed off on the first hole and the fun began.  My friend Bob sliced the ball into some trees down in a gully on the right and my other friend Brett put his shot about 40 yards ahead down into the gully.  My first swing in 6 months worked out okay and I hit the fairway on the left side with a 3 wood about 250 yards out.  While I was standing there waiting to hit my second shot I felt a sharp stab of pain in my abdomen!

My friend Bob's ball came out of the rough as he put it, "a little bit hot". Kind of an understatement.  It hit me about 1" below my lowest right rib.  A foot and a half lower and I would be a eunuch, a foot and a half higher and I would be posting posthumously!  When I lifted my shirt to investigate, I could tell that he was playing a Titlelist Pro-V 1 from the dimple pattern on my stomach.  I walked it off.

My next shot went straight down the fairway on this par 5 and I had about 100 yards in figuring on an easy two putt par.  No way!  I shanked my wedge; chili dipped into a bunker; took two shots to get out and then three putted.  My golf game went downhill from there.

Bob finishing the round by himself.  Notice I am behind him!

Brett had a "tequila" accident a few days ago and tweaked his thumb making it very painful to play.  He retired after 2 holes.  I lasted through 9 holes and tried to remember the last time I had played 9 holes without at least one beer.  Probably never.  Since Brett had only played two holes, the club gave him a golf cart to use for the back nine.  He convinced me to ride with him after the 10th hole and I quit after number 11.

I wish I could blame the injury for my poor performance but it is really just time for me to retire.  I remember when Jack Nicklaus retired and he gave the reason that he didn't want to play if he couldn't be competitive.  I feel the same way and as much as I enjoy the setting and the beer and the camaraderie, I have officially played my last round of golf.

As you know, I very seldom change my mind once I have a plan so the actual probability of me playing again is about 50/50.


  1. Oh man, I know it's not funny but that's not something you hear everyday. Did your friend forget to yell "fore" (or "duck" or even "look out")?? Anyway, glad you didn't sustain any lasting damage.

  2. I quit playing golf before I really started, and all my golf stuff went in the estate sale. I didn't want to haul it around in the rig - not enough room. :)