Just another average sunset in paradise!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have always wanted to visit Topolobampo just because of the cool name.  It is a tiny little town sitting on a bay on the coast of the Sea of Cortez.  Great fishing abounds and the bay is full of delicious shrimp.  Traveling from Los Mochis to Topolobampo I saw many signs advertising “Ohuira Bay” but none of the signs gave any hint of what it was.

After driving around the town without finding a place to stay, I headed up the hill to investigate Ohuira Bay.  Currently the development is limited to a restaurant right on top of the hill overlooking the harbor and the Sea of Cortez beyond.  It is the first step in a multi-million dollar development which in six years will contain a marina, a five star hotel, a shopping mall and about 100 lots for private homes.  The concept looks great and when and if completed should make Topolobampo a tourist destination.

I parked Dod on the road at the top of the hill right next to the restaurant and asked the parking security guy if I could park there for the night.  He said “sure” and introduced me to the night security guard who guaranteed that I would not be disturbed.  I went to the restaurant and sat on the patio to enjoy a cocktail or two as the sun set.  This was my first good sunset from this Mexico trip and it was glorious.  I am including a couple of pictures but they do not do it justice.  The pictures fail to convey the temperature in the mid 70s or the gentle breeze blowing in off the bay.  They cannot tell how relaxing it was to sit there and listen to soft Latin rock and the happy conversations of the other customers.

The sunset lasted for almost an hour.

I ordered camarones rancheros (shrimp cooked Mexican style) and it was wonderful.  It included rice and broccoli.  There is a picture below and I guarantee you that it tasted even better than it looked.  The service was some of the best I have ever encountered and after dinner the waiter, both security guards and I stood outside talking  for almost an hour with them practicing their English and me practicing mi Espanol.  I have only been back in Mexico for two days but I am feeling right at home already! 

When the restaurant closed, all of the waiters, waitresses, bartenders and cooks came over to Dod for a party.  We had a great time and I now have invitations to visit at least three homes the next time I am back in Topolobampo!


  1. That looks so tasty. Easier to make new friend locally when you can speak a bit of the language. Nice camping spot. And spectacular sunset.

    Can you tell I'm just a little envious?

  2. I saw fro TG's post that you are already in Aticama. How lovely to see your photos of the trip there.

    Mike and Dee