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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today is the day!  I will be pulling out of Bakersfield in less than two hours.  Yesterday Dod got an air suspension system installed.  This new suspension combined with two new tires has made a big difference in Dod's ride.

It is extremely difficult to leave my brother Rick's house as he and his family have been great hosts and I will miss them.  In order to force myself to leave I have made appointments for lunch, dinner and just plain visiting with people from Huntington Beach to Phoenix.

It seems that every time I post my plans here they change and this plan may wind up the same.  My new goal is to be in Aticama no later than Monday.  One reason for this is that there will be a full moon that night.  It might seem silly to push my arrival date to coincide with a full moon but I never said I wasn't silly!

My trip odometer is set to 0, my windows are clean, my tanks are full and I am eager to finally start this new journey.


  1. You go guy! Have a wonderful journey and we're looking forward to your posts from Mexico. Hope you get to meet Tioga George.

  2. Have a great trip. Will be waiting to hear about your adventures.


  3. May you have a good and uneventful trip. Happy travels.

  4. Wow, sounds like it will be a fast trip down.
    Make sure you wave to us as you zoom past Guaymas.

  5. Drive careful. Looking forward to the posts from Mexico.

  6. Hey Brother we miss you already. Have a great trip and hurry back

  7. Mexico - finally! Sorry we couldn't meet up, but you have a great time traveling and I'll be looking forward to future posts from Mexico. :)

  8. Happy journey and travel safe. Enjoy your friends on the way down. Looks like you have it made in the Hilltop Home.

    Kevin and Ruth