Just another average sunset in paradise!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Always something happening on the beach

Flyboy Chip lives in the hotel next to El Chaco.  He has a two place ultralight airplane and supplements his income by selling rides.  Some days he will make as many as 4 flights and each time he does he lifts off right in front of Dod.

This was a rushed video but now that I know how to use the camera I will try more and hopefully better videos!


A few days after I shot this video, the plane was parked in a farmer's field about 100 miles north of here, a sudden wind picked the plane up off the ground and slammed it down upside down.  It is destroyed.  While not a total loss, it will take many thousands of dollars to repair as the only surviving parts are the engine and landing gear.


  1. Ah! I remember Fly Boy Chip. George has some neat video he shot of Aticama from the second seat. Good stuff!

  2. Oh, and the first person who comes along and asks, "Who's George?", either just bought their first computer YESTERDAY and is on dial-up, OR is a complete troll. I mean, c'mon!

  3. Who's Bob?

    Sorry ... could not resist that, Bob. :-))

  4. Too bad about Fly Boy Chip's ultra light. Somehow I missed George's video...have to go look that up. Bob who?? (okay, let's not pick on Bob )

  5. I agree with Donna, that's too bad about Chip's ultralight. It's so much fun to watch them fly overhead. I hope he will be able to fix it.