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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Actually in Mexico!

I crossed the border at about 10:00 a.m. yesterday with little trouble.  Drove about 300 miles to Guaymas and got lost resulting in a two hour tour of a real Mexican town.  When it got dark, I got serious about finding a place to park and stumbled upon the Playa de Cortez hotel and RV park.  Really expensive for my budget but I was ready to stop.  I met three Americans in the bar and had a great adventure.  More about the border crossing and last night later.  Both good stories!


  1. Well you made it across the border anyway. I had a hard time finding RV parks in Mexico and often camped at a Pemco.

  2. congrats... now slow down and enjoy it and by all means do not travel at night... get settled in early!

  3. You need to do more planning, especially in the northern areas of Mexico. There is never any need to worry about where you're staying as it starts to get dark, and that's usually when trouble happens. Yes, staying at a Pemex is a last resort, however with proper planning it shouldn't ever be necessary.