Just another average sunset in paradise!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A new home for Dod

Dod moved from his original spot here at El Chaco which was right on the beach but with no shade.  Dod is now in the middle of a palm grove about 70 yards from the beach.  I can find shade easily at any time of day and the inside temperature is 80 degrees at 4 pm where at the old site yesterday it was over 90 inside.

Dod nestled between palm trees next to the river

I am also 200 yards closer to the restrooms and showers and I can get on the internet right from Dod at the new location which means I can watch movies at night on Netflix, write my blog and catch up on the many blogs I follow.

In order to get to this spot I had to navigate an obstacle course of mature and young palms that at times were no more than 9' apart.  Dod is only 7' wide so it was more fun than challenge.  Tioga George came by and tried to figure out how Dod got there.  When I showed him my route he had a look of disbelief on his face!

Obstacle course

View from my new front yard

While I was outside reading on my first day at the new camp I heard a splash and then watched this beautiful yellow bird fly up from the water to sit on this post.  I am thinking it is a kingfisher of some sort; maybe Judy can help.

A forced break from blogging!

I had to take a break from my blog to do some electrical work.  Last night while I was in Dod watching a movie, my neighbor (the one I am sharing power with) used his four slice toaster and the power went off instantly.  I figured it was either a circuit breaker in his rig or a circuit breaker in the restaurant where the power originates.  My nighttime investigation proved fruitless but this morning I discovered that the extension cord from the restaurant to his rig had blown in half where it had been previously patched.  I retrieved my electrical kit from Dod and 15 minutes later we have power again.  There is one more patch on the 100' cord which I will fix later today unless the manana spirit of Mexico overtakes me.


  1. Being small has its advantages!! Great spot you are in now.

  2. I sure like all those windows surrounding the back of Dod. What a beautiful spot you're in!

  3. Beach view is nice but shade be better.

  4. Great blog.....I love Mexico..grew up in Nogales,Az. and traveled much to Kino Bay,Guaymas,Maz and Tepic. Aticama looks beautiful. I will follow your blog makes me wanna get in my Jeep and drive down there!! I will be looking for an RV in the near future..something small..your's look great!!
    Take care and have a XX for me!!

  5. From what I can see, your bird looks like a greater kiskadee, but I'm no expert on Mexican birds. :)

  6. Check out that yellow bird -- George lost one in Mexico a couple years ago -- could be one in the same----

  7. What an awesome spot you have...Just keep taking them great pictures...can't beat that view..Netflix is great to have on board too...I'm lovin' the camp...Now to get my rig small...God Bless Zeee and Critters 3

  8. Beautiful spot!

    I'm a novice on this stuff, but with that kind of electrical hookup, do you have some sort of protection in case there's a surge or something weird with the electricity coming into Dods?