Just another average sunset in paradise!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A dinner invitation

Saturday afternoon my neighbor Brett came by to ask if I would like to join him and Bob and their wives, Sharon and Gloria, for dinner that night.  I quickly accepted even before I learned that the entree for the evening was New York steak.  Naturally, I asked what I could bring and was promptly told that everything was covered.  Being a bachelor, I figured I could at least supply the wine.  Later that afternoon, Brett, Bob and I walked into Aticama where I purchased a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon for 85 pesos ($6.50 US).

While there we had to re-hydrate so we stopped by a favorite restaurant to enjoy a cold bottle of Pacifico while we watched the local fishermen unload the catch of the day.  These are "net" fishermen and they get a lot of fish that are too small to be of any value.  While we were there they filled up 4 milk crates with the throw-backs; carried them down to the rocks on the beach and dumped them.  It only took a few minutes before dozens of frigate birds began to circle, swoop down and make off with a midday snack.  The lazy frigates stayed up in the air and hassled any bird with a fish in its beak until the fish was dropped.  They would grab the dropped fish right out of the air.

Dinner that night included a New York steak cooked to medium-rare perfection; fresh green beans sauteed in olive oil and garlic; stuffed baked potatoes; roasted bell peppers and a wonderful Bearnaise sauce.  The meal was served by candle light with real china, wine glasses and cloth napkins.  I wish I had brought my camera with me because the table was set beautifully!  For dessert, we had flan (Mexican custard pie) which was baked especially for Brett (a diabetic) so it was healthy as well as delicious.

The meal was the equal of a steak dinner at a 5 star restaurant!

My new favorite sunset picture!

Sarah and her black lab friend dancing on the beach at sunset.

Monday night we were down on the beach at sunset.  This one was especially nice so I shot a lot of pictures.  When I got back to Dod and looked at the pictures on my computer, I discovered that I had gotten a lucky shot.  I say lucky because I didn't think any thing besides the sunset was captured.


  1. What a fantastic photo! Once in a lifetime. Sounds like you have made some really good friends.


  2. Sounds like a real nice dinner and the picture is great lucky shot.

  3. Love the picture of the dancing dogs. And the dinner sounds good too.