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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weippe Rodeo

This was a big weekend for Weippe!  They held their 50th Anniversary Rodeo complete with a Friday night dance and a Saturday parade.  I skipped the dance.  I was thinking of going until I went through my wardrobe.  I had the appropriate Levi jeans but would have had to wear a T-shirt or golf shirt and either tennis shoes or boat shoes. And the only hat I have with me is definitely not a cowboy hat!  It's a ball cap that says Huntington Beach - Surf City, USA.

I did attend the parade.  One of the things I like best about small communities is the way everyone gets behind town events and  county fairs.  There are only 418 residents in Weippe and well over 100 were in the parade with another 500 or so spectators lined up two or three deep for the total length of Main Street (3 blocks).  Everyone expects to see the current Rodeo Queen in the parade but I was surprised to see the queen from the first parade (1961) and about 30 other past queens in the parade.  These included a mother and daughter queen set.  Mom from 1966 and daughter from 1989!  They also had next year’s queen in the parade; so much for suspense.

Fewer floats than the Rose Parade (zero),  fewer marching bands than the Rose Parade (zero) but every bit as much enthusiasm and enjoyment!  A couple of hours well spent.

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  1. Sounds like in Weippe, you can be more than "Queen for a Day!" :)