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Friday, August 5, 2011

If you build it they will come!

In 1934, the community of Fraser obtained permission to build a ball field on the current site.  In 1942, the Clearwater County Board of Supervisors voted to obtain 10 acres including the ball field area to create a permanent county park.

Obviously, much time and many dollars have been extended to make the park what it is today.  The park sits on the northern edge of thousands of acres of wheat fields.  In fact, part of the ball field is used to produce hay.  They got 5 of these huge bales from a small area out in right field.  One morning I captured this old farmer on his John Deere picking up the bales.

The diamond is complete with dugouts, bleachers and a snack shack.  The snack shack is available for rent as a cook shack for parties, family reunions and festivals.  August 5,6 and 7 they will hold the annual Blue Grass Jam.  From what I have heard it is a really big deal and all of the campsites will be taken with several other campers utilizing the ball field for dry camping. 

I occupy the premiere campsite in the park and have been given permission to stay there through the festival and for as long as I want.  It was pretty easy to gain permission.  I made friends with the woman who is responsible for park maintenance.  We met on the day I arrived and she stops by almost every day for a neighborly chat.

Yesterday, while she was driving a riding mower cutting the grass and weeds in the hot sun, I brought her a large bottle of water fresh from my fridge.  Today, while I was in my office/movie theatre (the gazebo) writing some posts, I heard a terrible racket coming from the mower.  When I looked around she was down on the ground attempting to repair the mower which had developed a severe vibration around the blade.  I’m no mechanic but I think logically (most of the time) so I offered to help.

We removed the pulley cover and discovered a total build up of debris.  After clearing the debris and replacing the cover the same problem was still there.  Back off with the cover for a closer inspection.  I found a large chunk of pine cone had lodged in the blade pulley and every time the belt went over that spot it became off balance creating the vibration.  After removing the pine cone piece and reattaching the pulley cover the problem was solved! 

She said I saved her a trip into town to get a mechanic and also allowed her to continue mowing and not blow the entire day.  Who knows, I may get a home cooked meal in addition to the extended stay!


  1. That's pretty cool - one good turn deserves another. I hope you get that home cooked meal too.

  2. "It's so nice to have a man around the house." You were very nice to help her out. I'm pretty independent, but I love it when a man steps in to help with something I'm clueless about.

    Sounds like you're going to have a really good time there, close to the action - enjoy the Blue Grass Jam. It sure is a beautiful area. Grass, trees, blue skies. :)

  3. Some days it pays to be a 'good neighbour'!!

  4. Sounds like the perfect place to hang for the weekend. Can't wait to see photos of the Jam!

  5. helping others while traveling is a side benefit we enjoy as well..

  6. It is always nice to help people out. Also a good idea for staying on their good side as you have found this can produce good rewards.

    Kevin and Ruth