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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fraser Park

Fraser Park is a 10 acre site provided and maintained by the good people of Fraser, Idaho.  The sign below pretty much says it all: this park is free!  I stumbled on this great spot by taking Idaho Highway 11 north from Highway 12 at the little town of Orofino.  There are signs on the highway indicating “Visitor Information” and “Roadside Table”.  I stopped hoping to get a free Idaho map but no such luck.

When I pulled in on Thursday morning there was only one of the 10 campsites taken but that was one more than I wanted taken.  I drove on for about 30 miles up Highway 11 looking for a good boondocking spot.  All of the gravel roads that led off the highway were logging roads and the barren patches of land that the loggers had created were not very nice to look at.  The logging companies were very considerate in placing a sign on each road that timber harvesting had paid for the road.

I followed Highway 11 north to what I thought was its terminus and then decided that Fraser Park was my best bet.  When I got back to the park the campers that were here in the morning had left and I had the park all to myself.  It is now Sunday morning and I am still the only camper here!  

I have already used up my allotted three days but I am going to ask the park cleaner-upper if I need to leave for one night or if I can stay.  If I have to leave for a night, there is a great boondocking spot just behind the park.  Someone had too much money (or too few brains) and put in a road for a housing development with about 30 half-acre lots.  The electric and telephone/cable (Verizon) are already in place but there is no sign of any construction activity.

As I write this post, I am sitting at a picnic table in the gazebo.  There is free electricity here and I am taking advantage of it by charging my computer; my electric razor; and, my three iPods.  There is actually one site right next to the gazebo where I could park and plug in for the night.  I won’t use it but I will, however, bring my TV down for the occasional movie.


  1. peace and quiet and even electricity!!..how great is that!!

  2. You seem to have a knack for finding way cool places to park. Good stuff!