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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby bird season

In Southern California we are used to the birds hatching in April or May.  Here in the Northwest it is much later. Last week I saw two very different fledglings.  The first was this young Great Horned Owl.  He flew by my camp and sat on the fence post long enough for me to get my camera and take this picture.

As he sat there robins and other small birds were dive bombing him.  He didn't fly away until I took a few steps toward him.

That same day I was inside Dod reading when I heard a commotion outside that involved Jesse and some type of frightened animal.  When I went out Jesse was at the end of his cable staring at a baby robin sitting about 8' away.  The robin just sat there not moving a feather.  After a few minutes of listening to Jesse whine, I went over and picked up the bird and moved it about 20 yards away.  The mom was of course doing fly-bys the whole time I had her chick in my hands.

I saw the baby the next two days and he was flying a little better and a little longer each day so I think he may actually make it to adulthood!

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  1. What a great sight to see, the young great horned owl. I love to see owls, but you don't see them to often. Glad to hear that the baby robin is going to make it.

    Kevin and Ruth