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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Plans change!

My trip to South Dakota has been cancelled.  I found a clause in the California vehicle registration laws that allows me to avoid re-registering Dod until I return from Mexico sometime next year.  That saves me about 1,000 miles of driving and fuel expense ($400.) and allows me to remain in the Northwest until I head for Mexico around the 1st of October.

Everything continues to be great here in Idaho!  I am in Weippe today at a cafe with internet (not the same as an internet cafe) waiting for the annual Rodeo parade to start.  It is a town with only 418 inhabitants but it looks like more than that are on the streets already.

I am way behind on posting new blogs but will try to catch up soon!

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  1. Well that's good news. Is there any problem with being in Mexico with an expired registration? Hoping all goes well for you and Jesse. Enjoy the parade!