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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blue Grass Jam is nearly a bust!

I was prepared for a full campground over the weekend.  The area around the park includes Fraser (maybe 100 people), Weippe (418 at last count) and Pierce (maybe700?).  Well as luck would have it, Pierce was celebrating "1860s Days" with far more on the schedule than just music.

Turns out the "jam" consisted on one main guy and a few of his friends.  By Friday evening when the event started there were just 4 other RVs and they all belonged to band members.  The main audience was just family members supporting their favorite musicians.  The music was however very good and the way the pavilion pointed, I could hear it from my campsite just as if I was in the immediate vicinity

Thursday afternoon,  I was over talking to a guy I met the day before.  His wife kicked him out of the house and he is camping in the back of his small Dodge pickup.  Not too fun!  I had him over for a spaghetti dinner Wednesday night and he was very thankful.  From his campsite I watched a petite blonde set up a tent right next to Dod.  The band leader's wife was helping her so I figured it was a daughter or something.  When I got back to camp, Annie (the petite blonde) and I introduced ourselves and began a great friendship.

We spent hours in great conversation.  She was cute, intelligent, witty (she got all my jokes and sent some great one-liners back at me) and one of the nicest people I have ever met.  We spent most of the weekend listening to the music from the campsites rather than the pavilion and the conversation never lagged.  What makes a good conversationalist?  A lot of things.  Annie had all of those things and I was sorry to see her go on Sunday.  We exchanged numbers and I promised that if I am ever in Lewiston again, I will call her.

By 2 pm Sunday Jesse and I had the park all to ourselves once again and it was great!  Monday we headed to an isolated camp near Lolo Creek about 30 miles northeast from Fraser Park.  We camped right on the creek and again there was not one other person around.

I am typing this from a Motel parking lot in Lewiston so I am sort of bundling a few days worth of stories together.  When I get to the next camp I will download pictures and provide more details.  Heading north to Coeur d'Alene in about 10 minutes.  I decided to take the northern route so I will stay in the big trees longer on my way to South Dakota. 


  1. What ever happened to Mexico?

  2. sounds like a nice neighbourly place!!

  3. Nice of you to help out the guy with a spaghetti dinner. And nothing like good conversation and great music to pass the time. You are finding some very interesting people and places out there.

  4. Sounds like you had your own concert, just for you. Too bad for the musicians, though. Isn't it amazing what each day brings? We never know from one day to the next. :)