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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boondocking Paradise

We took highway 82 out of LeGrand and traveled through some beautiful farmland.  The road followed the Wallowa River most of the way to a small town called Enterprise.  From there we took highway 3 north.  It is only about 90 miles to Idaho.  Shortly after leaving Enterprise we passed a sign that said “Next Gas 79 Miles”.  I was glad I had topped of my tank in LeGrande because I can just imagine the price per gallon they will charge at the first gas station.  

The highway began a steady climb up into a dense forest. I spotted a gravel road heading west with a sign that said Wallowa 27 miles.  Gravel roads are quickly becoming my favorites.  Within 5 miles of the highway I found a great looking dirt road with signs that said “Rough Road” and “Not recommended for passenger vehicles”.  

Being foolhardy I just ignored the signs and I am so glad I did.  Just a few hundred feet up the road I located the best boondocking spot yet. 

Much like the spot we stayed at just off the Jubilee Lake Road, this is also a hunting camp. 
This is the rig they used to field dress their last victim.  It could have been a large deer but from the size of the bones, I am guessing elk.

I have been here for 3 days now and have only seen two vehicles go by.  One was a Forest Service SUV and the ranger just waved and kept going.  The other was a pickup truck with a man and his wife who were stocking up on firewood.  And I mean really stocking up!  The truck was empty when it passed my camp on Tuesday morning and when it came back by early that afternoon, it was stacked high with logs about 18 inches long and 12 inches in diameter.

There are 5 small roads within a few hundred feet of camp.  Jesse and I have hiked each one and they all have nice spots to boondock but not quite as nice as the one we are in.  I only meant to stay a night or two but it is so perfect that I wound up staying 4 nights.  I will be leaving Thursday morning; not because I want to but I have to.  I have picked up a small cold and my nose will just not stop running.  I have used up a week’s supply of toilet paper and napkins just blowing my nose.  I am down to paper towels now and they are not soft enough for my liking.


  1. poor you!!..better get some new kleenex!!

  2. We have never been to the Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming area. We could easily spend all summer exploring those four states!