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Friday, July 22, 2011


The question mark is in the title because I was never a big fan of Walmart.  I don’t like shopping in the first place and where I lived in Huntington Beach the nearest Walmart was almost 4 miles away.  I know that sounds like a short distance but I had to pass up 6 supermarkets and a Target store to get there.  I always did my grocery shopping at the nearest store and made a vast majority of my other purchases through Amazon.com so there was really no need to visit Walmart.

About a year ago I started comparison shopping between Amazon.com and Walmart.com.  Prices were comparable but Amazon’s shipping won out as they provided free shipping on purchases totaling $25. or more.  Then I found an item where Walmart’s price was much less than Amazon’s and I decided to try Walmart’s “site-to-store” free shipping.  The products were at my local Walmart within a couple of days and the pick-up was easy.  That also got me into the Walmart store and I had a chance to look around and check out prices.  They all seemed to be pretty good!

As you may recall, I purchased a 26” TV/DVD combo for Dod a few months ago.  When I actually hit the road I realized that the TV was just too big for Dod’s interior.  While staying with my brother in Bakersfield I told him I wanted a smaller TV and he asked me if I wanted to sell the 26” one.  I told him that if he would  buy a 22” TV/DVD, I would trade him straight across.  He quickly agreed and the search began.  It was easy locating units online but I was only going to be at his house for two more days.  Nothing was available locally in store.  The “light bulb over my head” suddenly flashed on!  I could use Walmart’s “site-to-store” free shipping and have the TV shipped to the Pendleton, OR store. While the store is almost 1,000 miles from Bakersfield it was the next town I knew I would be visiting for sure.  The TV arrived in Pendleton three days before I did.

I have always been a “name brand” snob.  Store brands were never my choice even though the savings could be substantial.  While shopping with DJ and her sister here in Pendleton, they recommended the “Great Value” products (Walmart’s store brand).  I looked at lunchmeats and could have purchased 16 ounces of Hillshire Farms honey baked ham for $4.68 or the same amount of Great Value honey baked ham for $3.38.  I tried the latter and found it was just as good as any name brand I could remember tasting.   Since then I have tried Walmart’s block and sliced cheese, cereal, jam and several household products.  I can’t tell the difference in the products but saving 10 to 20% has changed my shopping style.  I am not ready to give up Skippy peanut butter, Folger’s coffee or Hunt’s ketchup just yet but who knows what the future will bring.


  1. some things are better with the name brand attached..like peanut butter and ketchup!!..welcome Walmart shopper!!

  2. I love Walmart!!! Haven't tried any of their house brand foods but maybe, someday...in teh meantime, it HAS to be Hunts or Heinz ketchup but ONLY JIF peanut butter!!

  3. well I too hate Walmart but I hate it more when I am spending too much money on food products... yes I hate Walmart and yes I shop there...

  4. always KRAFT MAC AND CHEESE!!!

  5. I usually buy store brands because I figure they have the name brands with their store labels. Except Best Foods Mayonnaise.
    Speaking of Wal-Mart - my new favorite store - I recently found in their bakery a loaf of bread that's out of this world. It's Marketside All Natural Roasted Garlic Loaf. If you like garlic bread, you have to get it. Have them slice it for you, and just toast and butter it. There are whole roasted garlic cloves in it. Soooo good! :)

  6. Always a love/hate relationship with Wal-Mart. But you can stay over night in many of their parking lots. They have to know you'll come in and shop for something.