Just another average sunset in paradise!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the road again!

DJ and I are no longer traveling together.  She decided to stay with her sister and I am on my way to South Dakota.  I left Pendleton about 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and drove southeast.  Getting a late start I didn’t have the luxury of finding a boondocking location and stayed in an Oregon state park ($9).

Early Sunday morning I drove into LeGrande to get gas, propane and empty my tanks.  I also got directions to Wolf Creek Reservoir, a small man-made lake in the foothills.  Being a sunny Sunday afternoon, the place was packed and I wanted my solitude.  The paved road ended just past the boat ramp and the now gravel road headed up the hill into some larger trees that looked promising.  The road kept getting narrower and was soon down to one lane with few places wide enough to pass if another vehicle came my way.  The gravel turned to dirt and I forged on until I found a great spot to camp.

Only saw one other vehicle the whole day and none the following day.  Dod was parked on a small access road just of the small dirt road, perfectly level with some sun and some shade.  After some reading and a couple of long walks with Jesse, I built a fire (firewood has been abundant everywhere in Oregon) and just sat there watching the clouds blow by.  The pictures below show a comparison of the same cloud as it passed overhead.  The big cloud with a dark gray center had become just wisps of white in just a few moments.  The sun was doing its job well that day and the stars put on a great display that night.

I got the spotlight off my old fishing boat.  It works great!

After breakfast the next morning we went back into LeGrande to run a couple of errands, top off the gas tank, fill the 5 gallon gas can and stock up the pantry.  Now we could do some serious boondocking.


  1. Looks like a beautiful spot. That's one nice thing about having a smaller rig...you can go just about anyplace.

  2. Jesse looks like a little lion in the header picture. Be careful, though, some states are rather rigorous with their thoughts about dogs harrassing deer.

  3. Nice! That's why we still think Sherman is a little too big. Love to find spots like that!


  4. I think I passed Wolfe Creek today - and I'm really happy to hear you camped in an Oregon State Park for only $9. The state park I stopped at in California was $35 with no hook-ups.
    I'm in a Walmart lot again tonight, but am planning to do some research on a good, cheap campground (I want less than $20/night) that I can stay in for a week or two. I'll have to check out the Oregon State website. :)