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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The great J.C. Penney shopping trip

Dod needs a spice rack.  We have checked Walmart, the Dollar Store and Salvation Army thrift store without finding anything close.  Yesterday we stopped at the local J C Penney.  Since Pendleton is just a small town, it gets a small Penney's with absolutely no home department.

I do not like to shop for myself.  I was ready to go directly back to the car but DJ decided that I needed some extra clothes so we went to check out the sale rack.  I needed a couple of golf/polo shirts, a pair of cargo shorts and tee shirts.  The original retail prices/sale prices of what I selected were as follows:  3 polo shirts - $26.00 each/ on sale for $2.97 each; 1 polo shirt - $25.00/ on sale for $9.99; 1 tee shirt - $20.00/ on sale for $3.97; and, cargo shorts - $45.00/ on sale for $19.99.  The really cool thing about all the purchases was that all of the items were styles and colors that I would have chosen even if they weren't on sale.

Total regular price - $168.  My total was just $40. and change.  As an added bonus, there is no sales tax in Oregon!

Dod is ready for the open road and some boondocking.  We will leave Pendleton around noon today and head into the Umatilla wilderness area in search of the perfect spot to spend a few days.  As of two days ago our plan was to stay 2 or 3 days on the first trip but last night we came to the realization that we don't have put any time limits on our trips.  We can be just like the "Energizer" bunny and  keep going and going and going!


  1. Hey! Is DJ for hire? I need a personal shopper!

    As opposed to go! go! go! You can STAY! STAY! STAY! To me, that's the real joy of the full-timing!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. I've been hunting for the perfect spice rack forever. May just have to make my own.

    Have fun on your however long trip.

  3. great success on your shoppping trip!..I love when everything is on sale!!

  4. *drool* No sales tax in Oregon? Oh man.

  5. Help keep Oregon green - spend money! Lord knows we need it, even if we don't get your tax money lol!! (bet you wouldn't want to pay our property taxes though) It's hard for us when we go to another state. I keep wanting to pay $1 for a $1 item but they always want to collect $1.07 or $1.09 or some such. Very unnerving. Great deal you got there at Penneys - they have some better quality stuff too.

  6. Great deal on the clothes. Kevin and I both need some new clothes and some stuff for Sherman but we are going to wait until we get to New Hampshire as they have no sales tax either. Love you new header picture. Happy travels.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. I didn't want to hang a spice rack, so I got a cute storage box at Michael's that I can put anywhere. Everything fits great, and I also put gravy mixes and things like that in it. Could you find a neat box in the dollar store or somewhere? If it's nice looking you can put it out, and if not, put it in a cupboard/closet.