Just another average sunset in paradise!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boondocking – Day 4 – Rain in Oregon

After 3 days of beautiful weather, the views from our camp changed drastically.  We watched clouds moving in from the south and decided it was time to make the camp weather proof.  Some stuff went inside Dod and other stuff went under Dod.  In just a few minutes everything was safe and we were inside seated at the dinette.

Dod had some long standing leak issues.  Both of the seams at the rear had separated and in some places there was a 1" gap.  During the first three days of sunny weather I leisurely repaired the separations and made them better than new!  Good thing too.

The thunder began and the first few drops of rain started tapping on Dod’s roof.  The thunder got louder and the drops got bigger.  Soon the thunder was almost continuous and the drops turned into a deluge.  What an enjoyable experience!  We were cozy inside reading our books and playing gin.  I had to teach DJ how to play.  She almost beat me the first game and was way ahead in the second game when I threw in the towel and conceded the victory to her.  The storm was over; the sun was out; and, we resumed our normal outdoor activities.