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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Bakersfield, CA got its name from a guy named Baker, no surprise there.  When the town got its name the "field" part was due to agriculture and not oil.

The old Bakersfield sign has been gone for several years now but was very important to me as a youth as it always signaled that our family was almost to Sequoia or Yosemite and bound for a week or so of roughing it.

Bakersfield's economy is tied into petroleum extraction and refining.  As we all know, petroleum has many uses other than just turning it into fuel.  It was a little disarming to think that they had come up with yet another use in Bakersfield!

I didn't even ask for a sample!


  1. Think I'll pass on that concoction.

    Sorry to hear the old Bakersfield sign is gone.

  2. they will flavor liquors with anything :)

  3. So, have you drank any of it, and if so, please share your findings... What a hoot!!!

  4. I wonder what would give you better mileage - diesel or liquor??

  5. Whew...don't think I want to try any of that!

  6. I vote for liquor!..have fun in California!!