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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dod's value doubles!

My old friend who passed away last April had a 1993 Lincoln Towncar.  He took very good care of his car and never missed fixing anything and everything that went wrong with it.  That included spending almost $5000. last year to completely replace the suspension system even though his mechanic tried to talk him out of it because he reckoned that even once the suspension was replaced, the car would still only be worth about $2500.  Wow, an honest mechanic!  He also spent almost  $2000. for a carrier to accommodate his electric wheelchair. 

When he decided that the radio needed replacement he bought the top of the line, spending over $2000. for a Kenwood system that included the normal am/fm radio, CD player AND . . . DVD player, iPod connection, Back-up camera and a Garmin GPS navigation system.  I know it sounds like overkill for a 90 year old man who only drove his 18 year old car about 20 miles a week and always to the same three places (mainly markets) but he had to have the best.

When he fell and broke his hip, he was hospitalized and after a few weeks it became apparent that even if he did make it through, he would not ever be able to drive his beloved Lincoln again.  He asked me if I thought the radio would work in Dod.  After careful consideration (about 5 seconds) I told him that I thought it would be perfect.  His only requirement was that I put an acceptable radio in the Lincoln as he was giving it to an old friend whose mother needed a car with a chair lift.  Always generous!

$260. later,  Dod had his dream system installed and the Lincoln had a brand new Pioneer CD player!  I wonder if Dod is the only RV in existence that has a radio that cost over twice as much as the RV itself?

iPod screen (sorry about the blur)

Navigation screen

Back-up camera

The back-up camera is set so that I can have it on while driving and not just when backing up.  I don't know how much practical benefit this provides but it is kinda cool anyway.

After a week in the "driveway in paradise", Dod is finally ready for the road.  DJ, Jesse and I will take a short boondocking trip on Wednesday.  Love the driveway but wanderlust is taking hold once more!


  1. Boy did you luck out! What a nice guy, he is so generous. I hope he's feeling okay. Driving with that new setup will be so much nicer and safer.
    Have fun on Wednesday, I'm sure you will be fine. I actually really enjoyed my boondocking at the beach/parking lots. Such a feeling of independence! :)