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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boondocking – Day 3 – Jesse likes boondocking!

 Jesse was never on a leash the five days we spent at this location.  It took him awhile to adjust to the freedom.  Once when I was organizing, I picked up his leash to move it and he got really excited thinking he was going for a walk. He didn’t that he had been walking himself for a couple of days.

At first, Jesse stayed right in camp and usually within a couple of steps from me.  As he got bolder and bolder, he would take little excursions into the meadows and forest.  On day three he through caution to the wind and took off on a great adventure.

As we were finishing our dinner this deer came wandering by about 30 feet from our table.  The deer stood there staring at Jesse and he was transfixed, this being his first deer sighting.  The deer was nice enough to wait there long enough for me to walk over to Dod and fetch my camera.  Just after I took this shot the deer decided it was time to go and she loped off.  Her lope soon became a run for her life as Jesse decided he needed a little exercise.  My last view of the deer was of her jumping over a small mound, her white tail sticking straight up, with Jesse in hot pursuit, his tail in a similar position.  Jesse returned a few moments later with a very self-satisfied expression on his face.

Later that evening as we took our nightly hike, we rounded a bend and found another deer (maybe the same one) standing up on a hill.

Jesse isn’t visible in the picture but he is at the base of the bare dirt below the deer.  Being the quick learner that he is, Jesse bolted up the hill and was hot-on-the-heels (huffs) of this poor doe as she retreated into the forest.

All things considered, Jesse is adjusting very well to the boondocking lifestyle!


  1. glad to hear that Jesse is adjusting well..the life of the boondockin'... and deer chasing dog!..
    just a heads up though..on our local news they had a few stories with regards to deer attacking family pets..nasty!..protecting their babies!!

  2. Jesse is livinghis dreams, no doubt!

    Please, also be aware of coyote. I'm not sure how big/small Jesse is. This is the time of year mother coyote have left the den their young, half grown pups, looking for an easy target for practice.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. Those are some good warning's to think about. But glad to hear he is loving life in the outdoors.

  4. I'd be afraid to let Katie run free, or even leave her outside on a leash by herself in a boondocking site. Too many wild animals around. Jesse is chasing them for the fun of it, the animals will chase him for food.

    It's too bad, because the dogs should be able to run free and they love it.

  5. Another thought, If you are going to let Jesse run, you might want to put bells or something that makes noise on his collar to warn wild animals. I bought a "bear bell" for when Katie and I take walks in the forest. I read that bears would rather move away if they know we're around. (I'd rather they move away, too!)