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Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is my final post . . .

. . . from Huntington Beach!  All of the finishing touches have been made to the house and it is ready for the renters.  There are several projects left to complete on Dod but as I posted earlier, I would rather do them in a forest than in my driveway.

Yesterday around 4 pm I decided that I will leave on Monday.  Today I worked about 7 hours loading up Dod. It would have taken much longer but I didn't have to put everything in a "forever" place because I want to let DJ do that once I get to Oregon.  I packed way more stuff than we will ever need so after DJ decides what we need we will give away the extras.

Tomorrow afternoon I will (hopefully) be in Bakersfield at my brother Rick's home.  I plan to stay there a few days and get some required repairs done on Dod's front end suspension.  The labor rate in Huntington Beach for auto mechanics is $95.00 per hour.  I know it sounds ridiculous but sadly it is true.  I think I can get the work performed in Bakersfield for about 1/2 of what it would cost here.  It will also be good to visit with my brother and his family and enjoy some home cooking!

My original plan was to take several weeks to get to Oregon but most times when DJ calls, she holds the phone out and then asks me if I can hear the river roaring past her sister's house as she sits on a bench in the back yard.  I never heard the river but the description was good enough to make me change my plans.  Once I leave by brother's house I will try to do the rest of the trip (about 1,000 miles) in three or four days.  I like driving and my only limitation is that I refuse to drive at night, even while at home.

We will make Pendleton, OR our home base and take some trips from there.  DJ has never been to Canada and I would really like to show her some of my favorite places on  Vancouver Island and maybe even up to Whistler.

When we finally leave Pendleton, we will travel around the Northwest for awhile and cut across the corner of South Dakota to establish residency for drivers licenses and registration for Dod.  I've always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore!

Of course, my goal of existing on $30. per day is not going to happen on this segment of our journey due to fuel costs.  My actual expense reports will not start until we cross the border into Mexico sometime around October 1st.

Wish me luck!


  1. Lots of luck to you and wishing you all the best.

  2. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Be careful. Looking forward to some nice pictures of Canada.

  3. Sounds like a good plan has been made good luck.

  4. Consider it wished!! Will be watching to see posts from all the exciting places you will be visiting.

  5. Good luck! I hope that starts with cheaper mechanic's rates in Bakersfield!

  6. Hope you don't cook your brains out in Bakersfield. Have a safe journey, and keep the rubber down.

  7. Sounds like a great plan. Over here in Indiana the fuel is coming down every day, so maybe your costs won't be as bad as you feared. Stay safe.

  8. sounds like a man with a plan...

  9. Enjoy your time at your brother's. Hope you can get your front end work done at a good price. Look forward to reading about your travels.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Wow, you're on your way! Congratulations! We have been lucky to be starting out as the gas prices are going down. That will definitely help your budget (and mine, too.) Have a good time, enjoy your trip.