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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I hate deadlines!

However, I really need them.  Dod was purchased in August 2010 and the first projects I planned on finishing were the necessary cab over repairs, the cab interior and waterproofing the entire body.  Even though I did a temporary repair in September, the cab over project was not completed until last week.  That amounts to 9 1/2 months of planning and one week of work!  I will say that the planning worked as the completed project went smoothly and came out better than anticipated.

The materials necessary to do the cab interior have been sitting in my garage 10 months.  When I began the project yesterday, I found out just how difficult it is to work with carpet on the many uneven surfaces in the cab so I changed plans slightly to include "rubberizing" and painting the most difficult parts and carpeting the rest.  Following are some "before" pictures.  I hope to have the "after" pictures posted tomorrow allowing  me just one day to complete the project.

Cab floor

Being a multi-tasker I am simultaneously working on the waterproofing.  Well, not exactly working, but after a few months of thinking about possible solutions, I googled "RV roof leak fixes" a few days ago and ordered what I hope will be the solution to fixing existing leaks and preventing any further leaks.  My personal deadline for the leak repairs is Sunday.  Wish me luck!