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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shake-down trip cancelled!

My plan was to take a week-long local trip to see how well Dod accommodates two people and a dog.  Also, I wanted to find out what necessary items might have been overlooked in our packing.

Well, I've always said that my plans are subject to change.  DJ is leaving today to visit her sister in Pendleton, OR and will be gone for about a month.  Now instead of a local shake-down trip Jesse and I will take off on a 1,000 mile trip and pick up DJ in Pendleton!  Everything considered, I think this is a very good thing.

The new goal is to reach Pendleton, OR in mid July.  This puts me on a tight schedule to finish my "to do" list for Dod.  I want to leave around the 1st of July to allow myself 2 weeks to leisurely travel up the coasts of California and Oregon, boondocking all the way.  One of my concerns about having DJ along on my journey was that I did not want to put her through any major mishaps along the road.  I am both an optimist and a realist.  While I don't expect any problems, I know they can occur and I will be much more comfortable handling any set backs if I am alone.  A shake-down trip of 1,000+ miles should provide ample time to check out Dod for problems and make any necessary upgrades and repairs.

While in Oregon, we are invited to boondock at DJ's sister's house.  We can take short trips from there and then begin a longer trip around the northwest and then on to Mexico hoping to make a border crossing some time around October 1st.


  1. looks like you have a plan!!!..we are heading south to Port Orford, Oregon on July 1st!...the coast highway is the most pictureseque one we have ever travelled!!..

  2. Exciting! I think a deadline is useful; I thought we would NEVER leave.

    I see you have a 3-way Dometic. Have you ever used it on battery power, and how did it do? Or, is that primarily for power while you're running?


  3. Sounds like a good plan. You will LOVE the coast route...of course I am partial to the Oregon coast!!

  4. to The Good Luck Duck

    The only time I have used the fridge on battery is when traveling. I forgot to turn it off when I got home last time and it drained the house battery very quickly so it must have been working.

    When dry camping I always use propane which works great. In fact, on the maximum setting it turns the entire refrigerator into a freezer!

  5. Going through Oregon is certainly an interesting way to get to Mexico from where you are at! :)

  6. Safe travels. Hope all your plans work out for you. Anxious to travel along.

  7. This might actually work out better as you say. If something does go wrong, you'll be able to take your time and fix it - let's hope that doesn't happen. It'll be a very good shakedown trip anyway.

  8. How fun! I think a 1,000 miles ought to do the trick for finding any trouble. I am sure Dod will do a fine job for you. It will be pretty going up the coast.

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. great idea . . .can't wait to read of your adventures. happy traveling.