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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Budget re-evaluation!

When I picked the random figure of $20. per day for my travel budget, I was going it alone.  Now with Jesse and DJ on board I have to adjust.  Jesse has been with me just over a month now and I figure his food and medicine will average about $60. per month.  DJ spent four days with me over the long weekend and my food budget doubled.  No real surprise there but I hadn't even considered that inevitability.

I think I really could have made it on $20. per day because I have no problem "doing without".  Asking Jesse or DJ to do without is not something that I can do.

My new budget figure is $30. per day!  Sounds small but it is close to the published expense reports of the bloggers I follow.


  1. So, is this supposed to include your gas? I don't think you will be going too far.

  2. If Tioga George can do it, why not. Haven't looked at his budget figures but he sure knows how to camp for free.

  3. If this is a "trip," then you have to adjust the $, because you have a guest.

    If you are traveling alone with Jesse, he won't be that much extra. But $20/day is only $600/month. That is REALLY not much. I couldn't get by on that if I wanted food and gas.

    Are there full-timers who are doing it on close to $20 a day?