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Saturday, June 4, 2011

54 days and counting

The other day I put my hand in my pocket to be sure I had my keys with me.  Once my hand was there, I couldn't remember why it was there!  This preface is here because I don't remember if I have posted about my Google counter before.

I have a counter on my Google Chrome homepage that tells me how many days remain until I leave. This morning  it shows that I have 54 days remaining before "I leave for Mexico".  Things are going so well with the preparation of the house for the renters that I probably will beat the deadline by a month or so.  By Sunday, the entire house will be empty.  That includes all my worldly possessions (only exception is food in the fridge).

Everything that will wind up in Dod for our journey will be on the two workbenches in the garage or in my "man cave" pool house.  The painters will arrive sometime Monday and hopefully by Wednesday the entire interior will have a new coat of paint.  After that Dod will get my total attention!

Just to be sure I keep on schedule, I am posting some of my "to do" list for Dod and will update my progress here.

To do list:

Convert over-cab sleeper to entertainment/storage unit
Refinish all interior wood (fake wood) surfaces
Replace carpet with linoleum (Thanks to Jesse, the wonder shedder)
Check and replace as needed all of the hoses and fittings for fresh water, gray water and black water
Add two new house batteries and solar panel
Replace every engine hose and belt (and buy replacements for each one)

Wow!  I know there are more items on the list but I need to stop now and get to work on these.


  1. Time to start playing the memory games on AARP? I don't know if they help, in reality, I still CRS!

    You should be thanking Jessie for forcing your hand with regard to the carpet. A flat surface will be soooooooo much easier to care for, especially if you're spending time at the beach! Extra treats for Jessie!!!

    Happy Trails, forever!
    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After/

  2. A good list - all thing that should probably be done, and once they are, you won't have to worry about them. It's so nice to beat schedules! I hope you do. :)

  3. Looks like you have everything under control. Maybe we will be able to meet up somewhere in Mexico over the winter.

    Kevin and Ruth