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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lots of progress on Dod

DJ and I spent about 8 days during the past two weeks working on Dod.  If it was just me alone, I would have limited the projects to the ones required to hit the road.  DJ had other ideas and wanted to improve on the interior.  After seeing the difference, I am very glad she convinced me that aesthetics were important too.  Besides, she did 90% of the work on the aesthetics while I was  making Dod sturdy and watertight.

Before pictures of Dod's flooring

Before picture of Dod's cab over area

Dod is almost too small to take pictures inside!

My jobs included:  replace flooring; replace floor and ceiling in the cab over; replace the passenger side of the cab over compartment where the previous owner made friends with a low hanging tree limb.  DJ's jobs for me  included taking off every cabinet door and drawer cover in Dod so she could refinish them and then re-installing the doors after she was through .  Dod has 13 cabinet doors and 3 drawers.  Each door required the removal of 10 to 13 screws.  Quite a bit for a 16' motorhome.  

DJ did a great job of refinishing the doors and drawers.  She did such a good job that she decided to refinish the entire interior; she did a great job on that too!  The interior does not look like it is 32 years old.

I had originally installed carpet in Dod but did not fasten it down completely so the pictures above show how it slid around on my last trip.  I went to look for some type of DIY wood flooring and found that it would cost around $150. to do the project.  I wound up buying a linoleum remnant for $15. and had enough left over to cover all of the bottoms of the cabinets.

After pictures of Dod's floor

The first picture above is the entry way where I added a piece of carpet to use for wiping off your feet when entering.  Following are before and after pictures of the cab over interior.

The cab over section still needs some finishing touches but as I kept telling DJ all day, it is going to be an entertainment/storage area which no one can see, so we can lower our standards just a little!  You can see that the passenger side is now minus the window.  I decided that since that would be a storage area the window was not necessary and the time and effort saved by not replacing the window was enormous.

 Picture of Dod's cab over minus the window

The new panel is the exact color of the paneling Dod had when new.  The parallelogram just below the rear window is a stainless steel patch the previous owner installed to cover up another boo-boo.  I like the fact that the repair work shows and that it is not perfect.  As I posted earlier, since I will spend a majority of my time in very isolated areas of Mexico, I want an RV that looks old and beat up on the outside but has a great interior and drive train.  I think I am almost there and my total investment is still below $1500.00! 


  1. Hey the old rig is looking pretty good and the price is right.

  2. Nice work. I really like the new floor. So much easier to maintain than carpet.

  3. I like the new floor. It looks great.

  4. an oldie but a goodie!..the new floor looks fabulous!..great choice!!!

  5. I love the floor now. We are trying to get something like that installed in ours, but it seems because of our 3 slide-outs, no one wants to do it. Good job!!

  6. Looking good! Nice job on the floors. I agree it was a smart move to replace the window on the driver's side cabover. Just another place to leak water and cause problems.