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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jesse takes his first ride in Dod

I put Jesse in Dod this morning and drove over to a local park to have lunch with my ex.  Jesse wouldn't jump up  and into Dod so I picked him up.  He snarled and snapped at me!  I don't think he likes to be picked up.  Once we got to the park and took a 2 mile walk, he was in heaven.  He met several other dogs and studied the smells of hundreds of former dog visitors.

When we got back to Dod, again, he wouldn't jump up and into Dod.  Bummer.  I picked him up and he snarled and snapped again but not as menacingly as before.  My hope is that when he starts associating the fact that wherever Dod stops is going to be a good place for him he will look forward to getting into Dod for a drive.


  1. Sounds like Jesse's a normal dog! I'm sure he'll get the idea pretty quick that going for a ride is a good thing.

  2. You are doing the right thing - lots of love and patience works wonders with most dogs. They soon learn to love riding.