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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A trip to Tepic

Last Wednesday I drove Dod to Tepic with Bill as a passenger.  Tepic is the capital city of the state of Nayarit and is the closest big city.  Our trip was a total of 70 miles and takes about 1 1/2 hours each way.  I know that seems slow but the road is winding and up hill most of the way to Tepic.  It is a scenic road traveling through thick jungle and groves of mangoes.  The cost of gas for Dod is about $20. so I need a good reason to make the trip.

I had two good reasons and they both involve Walmart.  First I needed supplies and since Wednesday was payday I decided to buy a one month supply of a few things you can't get in Aticama or San Blas and also some things that are available but very expensive locally.  Scotch is 240 pesos for 750 ml locally and 90 pesos at Walmart; and Walmart sells a 1.5 ltr bottle for only 149 pesos.  I got enough to last at least a month.  I also stocked up on frozen foods (not available locally) and packaged meat and deli items.

The second reason was to purchase paint and painting supplies.  A 4 liter can of paint is 480 pesos in San Blas but only 190 pesos at Walmart.  Walmart also mixes the colors from a large variety.  In San Blas you have to pick from about 20 colors and then it has to be ordered.

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  1. Wowquite a bit of difference in prices there. Have you talked to Tioga George about adsense? Maybe that could help alittle on your expenses some.